Larabar Love


If you are not yet familiar with Larabars, please allow me to introduce you to them! I am not fan of many bars because most commercial bars are highly processed and loaded with refined sugars, genetically processed soy, stabilizers like carageenan as well as artificial sweeteners and colors. I admit I am guilty of eating some of these popular bars in the past, especially Special K bars, Nutri-grain bars, and Quaker Chewy bars thinking they were “healthy.”  NEVER AGAIN. As a dietitian, I know better now to not fall for the deceptive marketing of those big food companies. Unlike those “food-like” products, Larabars use a very simple blend of nutritious REAL food ingredients. Recognizable ingredients that you can find right in your own kitchen and nothing else. These bars are simply comprised of.. nuts, unsweetened fruit, and spices.


My favorite ones are the Cashew Cookie and Peanut Butter Cookie. I have not yet come across the Banana Bread Bar but I’m sure that will be a top contender. In the future I would like to try making my own version of these bars but for now, I will continue to carry  these for quick on-the-go snacks! For more sustained energy, I try and pair my Larabar with a source of protein such as a hard boiled egg. The Larabar on average has 23 grams of carbohydrates (from the dates). Pairing with a protein source like an egg, will help contribute to stable blood sugar which is important to help curb cravings and support energy levels between meals!.



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